O2PRIME’s technology is easily added to any forced air heating and cooling system. With most installations taking 15 minutes or less, O2PRIME is the customer’s first choice and best solution for achieving exceptional indoor air quality.

Plasma has many benefits. O2PRIME’s technology produces natural, friendly, oxidizers that seek out contaminants and odors in the space. The plasma, when produced and injected into a moving air stream, breaks down gases to harmless compounds prevalent in the atmosphere such as oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide. In addition to the reduction of gases and odors, plasma also reduces particulates and kills mold, bacteria and virus in the space.

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    O2PRIME’s Plasma Reduces Airborne Particles

    The plasma clusters are drawn to airborne particles by their electrical charge.

    Once the cluster is formed around the particle, the particle grows larger by attracting nearby particles and increases the filtration effectiveness.

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    O2PRIME Kills Virus, Bacteria and Mold - On the surfaces and in the Air!

    Plasma travels with the airflow and surrounds the pathogens, confirmed by EMSL Labs. Next, the plasma robs the pathogens of the hydrogen necessary for them to survive.

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    The Final Step

    During the final step, the plasma eliminates hydrogen from the pathogen and then the cleansing process is complete, making the airborne virus, bacteria or mold spore inactive.