Commercial buildings are the single largest consumers of energy. The O2Prime cleaning process allows commercial buildings to safely reduce the amount of outdoor air required to operate. This equates to a safe, comfortable environment while consuming as much as 20%-30% less energy.


As the largest consumers of energy, commercial buildings represent a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. The O2Prime cleaning system reduces the amount of energy necessary to treat and clean air, which in turn reduces the need for energy production, lessening pollutants from sources of electric and thermal generation.


During the O2Prime cleaning process, airborne particulates (dust, pet dander, pollen) are treated and then drawn together increasing their size and mass. Larger particulates are more easily captured effectively increasing the efficiency of an HVAC system's air filtration system.

Odor & Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs):

During the O2Prime cleaning process, cooking odors, pet odors and chemical odors, (like formaldehyde) are broken down into basic compounds free of any smell.


During the O2Prime cleaning process ions are created by the plasma generator attacking and killing virus, mold spores and bacteria. The ions steal away hydrogen from the pathogens leaving them to die.