Save Energy By Reducing Outside Air

Utilizing the ASHRAE 62 Indoor Air Quality Procedure, combined with O2Prime’s air purification technology, outside air may be reduced by up to 75% in one-healthcare applications, subject to building pressure.

The IAQP allows air purification to be applied to clean the air within the building from the contaminants of concern, thus allowing outside air to be reduced since the outside air is no longer required to dilute the contaminates of concern.

Save Energy By Cleaning Air Coils

Cooling coils become clogged over time and biofilm grows on the coils. This growth creates an insulating layer between the fin surface area and the air stream which causes the chiller/compressors to work harder by providing more chilled water or higher refrigerant pressures. The biofilm reduces thermal transfer. The added biofilm and debris will reduce the “free passageways for the air flow and require the fan to work harder.

The O2Prime-IBAR solution will kill the biofilm on the coil surface, the drain and drain pan; when the cooling coils starts to condense moisture, the biofilm will run off the condensate down the drain.

O2Prime-IBAR advantages over UV lights:

  • No replacement parts and no glass tubes with mercury in the air stream
  • No visible light; therefore, no safety precautions such as door switches are required
  • Less energy required – only 60 watts of power up to 60,000 CFM
  • O2Prime’s technology cleans the entire depth of the cooling coil
  • O2Prime’s technology kills pathogens downstream from the system and it is not line-of-sight live UVC
  • O2Prime’s technology controls odors, UV does not
  • O2Prime’s technology mounts direct to the cooling coil frame – UV lights require a separate framing system resulting in more labor

Over 600 projects have been designed using O2Prime’s IAQ spreadsheet software. In some cases outside air quantities were reduced to as little as 2.5 CFM per person!